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brawler carburetor tuning

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The main circuit also includes emulsion tubes and air bleeds that premix air with the fuel to improve fuel atomization. There is some confusion around this as older tuning stories mention requiring clearance here, but only with the linkage at wide-open throttle (WOT). We thought we'd address a few common driveability issues that never seem to go away. Of course, if the opposite combination is what the engine needed, you could easily modify the PVCR system to tune in that direction as well. You are using an out of date browser. @ 0.050 207 degr. The traditional Holley four-barrel is incredibly robust and the inevitable problems often have more to do with poor tuning than anything else. The Brawler family of carburetors are all made from light-weight aluminum components and are available in both vacuum and mechanical secondary models. Automatic choke problems can also cause hard starting, cold stalling and idle speed problems. Brawlers performance based race carburetors start off with a high flowing aluminum main body, and billet aluminum metering blocks that are packed with performance based air fuel calibration. Tech Note: This model of carburetor has the square bore flange bolt pattern. Carburetor tuning runs the gambit from simple idle speed and idle mixture adjustments, resizing main jets and fiddling with the choke adjustment (street applications only) to major modifications such as changing venturis, venturi boosters, air bleeds and emulsion tubes, metering blocks, accelerator pumps, cams and discharge nozzles, and power valves. {}J+:X" ^@L\cQ0/S;+v..WMu~v"EN}RDH'T\N.rHE:?^SW/g6|c@wzk{ rUq\\rnCB>3J/A Bt]eEG;@L@&p^U^qW+y$ DZE,'I9~[;t>&s|c?`OUJxn\>eqvVwHB:%tr;dtWo_NH',C:_|l2EYXY#yu[:%]NO@VQ mDVaLjIhXqz'yFt/l){Tta)` nibdkp+Y2h8p6$CGJZ//~v 3R. Drivability is just as important, and that requires a lot of air velocity for instant throttle response and good low to mid-range torque. Related: 10 Biggest Carburetor Tuning Mistakes. Open the secondaries too late, and you are missing the true performance potential of your carb and engine. Make changes that stabilize the vacuum gauge needle. Reducing the main jets from 75 to 70 is equal to a 13 percent reduction in flow area. Once you understand them, you can spend many enjoyable hours perfecting the fuel curve for your engine combination. One of the requirements for this conversion is it requires a throttle position sensor (TPS) signal to work properly. No sweatthere's a conversion kit for that. Holley Brawler Carburetor Installation How-To and Basic Tuning Pole Barn Garage 26K views 11 months ago Setting up a rebuilt carburetor. The carburetor will also deliver the optimum air/fuel ratio throughout the engines RPM range to achieve peak horsepower and torque. A yellowish or blistered appearance on the spark plug electrode would tell you the A/F mixture is much too lean (or the spark plugs are too hot and the engine needs colder plugs). The Brawler family of carburetors are all made from light-weight aluminum components and are available in both vacuum and mechanical secondary models. If it does not, look first for slack or clearance between the vertical accelerator pump linkage arm and the lever that moves the actual accelerator pump diaphragm. The only way a street small block can handle the extra airflow of a larger carb is if the engine is built and cammed to rev over 7000 RPM and the drivetrain is geared with a higher numerical final drive ratio. Once you get the main jetting where you want it, it will probably be too lean for full throttle, full power runs. See all of the Brawler Carburetor offerings available from Holey, 10 Cordless Angle Grinder Brands Are Put To The Test, 2022 Starbird Rod & Custom Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, An Online Magazine for DIY Hot Rod Builders. For tight converters, we've had to add a half richer mixture to keep the engine running in gear. changed all the plugs yesterday and reset the base timing to 20*. If it doesn't, the linkage is improperly set. Do this 2 times. The change from 6.5" to a 5.5" power valve will most likely be too narrow a change, I'd drop to a 4.5". had a buddy from the dragstrip come down and tune it, this guy has been tuning and racing Holley carbs almost as long as I've been alive (50 this year). Mine didnt smell rich, the plugs were just super soot filled. The only problem with drilling these holes in the throttle blades is that this becomes a semi-permanent modification. Holley sells a green Viton rubber diaphragm intended for alcohol carbs but works great with the 10 percent ethanol in today's pump gas. The Brawler was taken apart, made sure there was no junk inside it, put back together as it came except with 70 P and 80 S jets (74-84 stock) idle air bleed change (went from 70 to 73 IIRC), PV went from 6.5 to 3.5 with the crappy vacuum, 31 squirters front and rear. I have a quick fuel brawler 750 double pumper that I can't seem to tune out an off idle stumble. revs quick and starts right up and idles whether its cold or at running temp. An electric choke is available on some models and provides hassle free cold starts. To improve our situation, we contacted the officials at Brawler about a four-barrel (4bbl) carburetor to replace the restrictive 2bbl. Unfortunately, when the curb idle adjustment is opened past the stock setting, the throttle blades uncover the transfer slots. They offer all the tunability and options that you would find from more expensive carburetors in the market, including a beautiful appearance, electric choke, and four-corner idle adjustment on all mechanical secondary models. curious how much advance they give. I've been reading through posts and I might be in too deep, but I'm determined to get her running right. If you have a spreadbore style intake manifold, you will need an adapter to install this carburetor. Either condition can make the float sink and over-fuel or flood the engine. Brawler carburetors are precision-machined and hand-assembled by craftsmen right here in the USA. An air/fuel ratio meter can also help, but don't fall into the trap of shooting for a given number. Holley also has a kit for Gen 3 Dominator carbs that is very compact and bolts directly to the base plate. As we mentioned earlier, a slightly rich mixture (12.8 to 13.1) usually produces the most power and torque. Holley doesn't machine this surface on all carburetors, so when you disassemble your carb, look for a lip at the top of the primary or secondary metering block mounting surface. Mechanical secondary carbs use a direct link to the secondary throttle shaft. I have dabbled some filler material at the ends of the slots before to shorted up the slots. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Slowly adjust the first idle-mixture screw. If memory serves, it "used" a little over 700 cfm on the dyno, 718 sticks in my mind but I dont want to just spout numbers out. 850 qft brawler 75 main jet 85 secondaryjet 383 sbc 11.7 compression Motown single plane intake Lunati voodoo solid roller .605/.605 254/258@.050 Afr 210 heads Msd ignition locked out at 36 Full throttle and cruise it seems fine. I may not be able to post any results until later this weekend when I actually have time to work on the thing. Now shoot a little WD-40 or other lube on the threads of the four screws. The conventional fix for big-cammed carbureted engines is to drill holes in the primary and sometimes in the secondary throttle blades near the transfer slot with sufficient size to allow closing the curb idle adjustment back to its ideal location. To adjust the fuel level, first shut the engine off, loosen the locking screw and adjust the large nut that raises and lowers the float on the top of the bowl. The dropped leg version boosters tend to be a bit more responsive at part throttle and therefore are a little better than their straight booster cousins. A set of calibrated pin vises really helps dial in restrictor sizes. With minimal vacuum, these engines demand increased throttle opening in order to idle at an acceptable speed. Understanding Ignition Timing: Making Maximum Carburetor Tuning For Performance and Restorations. Make these changes very slight and note the effect on the engine. Automatic chokes are supposed to make cold starting easier, but usually require some trial-and-error adjustment to find the best setting. it will idle at 900 in park, 800 in gear. QFT recommends an optimum fuel pressure of 6.5psi, (Maximum pressure of 7psi). If the initial change results in a loss of rpm or vacuum go back to the baseline and then turn the idle mixture screws in the opposite or counterclockwise direction. Dont let the budget-friendly price fool you, the Brawler development focused on the performance you want and not the pretty box that it comes in. Brawlers come with the latest technology in air/fuel calibrations for todays street engine demands. A good carburetor tune can make an engine, while a carburetor thats mistuned can literally break an engine. If the idle speed and vacuum increase, continue with similar changes in small increments until the idle speed or vacuum deteriorates. There are many misconceptions about how to go about these adjustments, and of course there is no shortage of free advice. Zach says that .005 change in size will be a noticeable difference. If the idle speed is still too low, larger holes or two more in the secondary throttle blades can be drilled. Brawler BR-67199 Race Carburetor, Mechanical Secondary, 650 CFM. This engine, named as part of the X engine family, is uniquely positioned to replace both the L9 and the X12 with the versatility to serve both medium and heavy-duty applications. The way to do this is to have your vehicle on level ground and with the engine running at an idle. The first step is to obtain a low-speed tach that will show minor changes in rpm along with a vacuum gauge. EFI has many advantages thatallow us to dial in the fuel in a dramatically more precise fashion than was ever possible with a carburetor. Tech Note: This model of carburetor has the square bore flange bolt pattern. ran great once a few issues were solved. Closed-loop control can be programmed to either add or subtract up to a certain percentage of fuel in order for the engine to reach the target air/fuel ratio. I want to do a little testing to see how much hooking up the vacuum advance actually advances the timing over the baseline. Partner: Holley (https://holley.com) Sponsor: Roadkill Customs (https://RoadkillCustoms.com)These days, the talk is all about EFI and fuel injection retrofit kits. For this procedure we'll assume a Holley with only two idle mixture screws. Theres no choke to restrict airflow into the carburetor, and the venturis, boosters, metering blocks, fuel bowls and throttle plates may all be heavily modified to deliver the kind of performance a race car driver expects. still waiting on MSD to get back to me with info on the vacuum can the 8365 distributors come with. If your QFT doesnt have a choke it probably has a 4.5 power valve from the factory. Running 6.5 psi fuel pressure, floats are set correctly. Hear from the experts at Fluidampr. The conversion kit (foreground) replaces the metering plate like on the 4160-style carb on the left and replaces it with a metering block like the 4150-style carburetor on the right. If your engine has an annoying stumble just off idle that you can't seem to fix, check the accelerator pump linkage. Tools Bible is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties. If its brand new, its history doesnt matter. So if you get a 12-inches of vacuum reading, you need a #6 power valve. ), the carburetor will be out of tune and in need of further adjustments. Lightly open the throttle linkage and watch the accelerator pump squirter in the primary venturi. At WOT when the power valve opens, the overall fuel flow would be nearly identical, but with this combination the part-throttle air/fuel ratio (before the power valve opens) would be leaner by four jet sizes. There should be zero clearance or a slight preload on the linkage arm to the accelerator pump lever. These slots are intended to pull additional fuel from the carburetor's idle circuit that is controlled by the idle feed restrictor. Too much fuel from an overzealous tuning approach can be just as detrimental to good throttle response and too little nozzle size, although the driveability symptoms will be different. Start the engine and turn one of the idle screws in or out. The Brawler family of diecast carburetors are all made from lightweight diecast aluminum components and are available in both vacuum and mechanical secondary models. NOTE: Adjusting fuel pressure with the engine running could cause a fire hazard. Higher altitudes and decreasing barometric pressure thin the air, which causes the carburetor to run rich. Symptoms of Wrong Power Valve Briefly Explains Fails/Blows out, Your email address will not be published. In fact, the HGM AccuLink is designed to work with Holley, Q-jet, and the Edelbrock carburetors. I recently started a blog about welding gear.I am also a DIY welding enthusiast because it is affordable for any household work.

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